Travel guide to Karachi

The old name of Karachi was “kolachi ” .The most busy,noisy, populated city located on the eastern coast of the Arabian sea. Karachi is the most important and largest city in Pakistan.on earlier period Karachi was the capital of Pakistan because it provides business all over the Pakistan and it have all the commercials, politicians hubs ,transport and mainly Karachi have the sea port.
Karachi offers different activities.karachi have variety of bazzars and so many modern shopping malls, we have so many restrurents, old buildings still exist in different areas in karachi . We have lots of fun places ,picnic points ,historical places to go .Karachi also have luxury hotels.the over all population of Karachi is 23 millions. We also call Karachi “The city of Quaid” to pay respect to the founder Muhammad
Ali Jinnah. Quaid-e-azam was born ,raised and spent his last days here in Karachi. And he was buried in Karachi.
We say the people of Karachi have their own style. They live freely on their own will. In Karachi is the 3rd most populated city in the world. And it Is the largest city in the Muslim world. And on the southern Asia and in Islamic world Karachi have higher education systems.
Karachi have 26 universities for different faculties. Even people come from the aboard side to get higher educations in offerdable fees.karachi is also famous for its delicious foods , biryani ,hot  nihari, qurma ,paya,seekh kabab,pulao ,nargisi qoftay etc and different kind of sweets.Mainly “Paan” is the especiality of Karachi treet food are the best in Karachi we can observe that many people from different religions and different cultures are living here .people of Karachi celebrate every event with all the courage like Chand Raat ,Eid milad un nabi etc. Mostly people living in Karachi speaks Urdu.
Karachi is about 292 years old.karachi have the national stadium which host many sport games,In 1986 Karachi hosted the first hockey game at Pakistan stadium between India and Pakistan..karachi have two  large shipping ports . The port Qasim and the port Karachi. Karachi have 5 districts.Karachi have several sandy beaches like keemari ,sandpits Clifton etc The life in the Karachi is very fast and busy.karachi have parks, cinemas, libraries ,art galleries,snack bars and clubs too.there are various national banks and mutilnational business  orginaziations and government offices.
In Karachi we can actually see the culture of Pakistan . And Karachi also have  international airport.There are so many worth seeing places like hawksbay, ferer hall, manora, zoo , do darya and all.

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