Top 10 Places In Karachi To Visit With Kids

Kids are wonders of nature as they are curious and interrogative about each and every thing comes in interaction. They like to see the vibrancy and beauty in the environment. Kids are likely to be happy to see cute animals and many of the little scientists are interested in aircrafts and spaceships, many of them are little swimmers who love to take a dive of joy, some want to take exciting rides, many are jumpy and speedy, many are moody and foodie and some are really good gamers. Every kid wants to explore his interests and to visit such places with his favourite things.

  • Onederland: Lucky One Karachi is a luxurious place and has many amazing features. Onederland in Lucky One Mall is a gaming area with first indoor roller coaster ride with Vortex, Space Wing, Wall Climb, PSI-Spin, Bounce and Spin, Tot Plot, Kiddie Games and Bounce Station. Toddler’s gaming area is separate and developed with soft floor and soft toys.
  • Sindbad: Sindbad is an amazing amusement park with many exciting rides in an affordable price. The rides include Crazy Bus, Dragon Coaster, Log Slide, Disco Star, Drop Tower, Pirate Ship, Space Station, Fun Go Round and many more to enjoy.
  • Museum 101: This technical and space museum is loved by all the kids want be astronauts in future.
  • Chunky Monkey: It is a very well maintained amusement park near Clifton beach in Karachi. All the amusing rides and games are here for your kids.
  • Karachi Zoo: Full of amazing animals, this place would be loved by your kids.
  • Owl’s Nest: It is a play cafe and unique in its own way. It has all the indoor kids gaming activities to keep your children happy and steady.
  • PAF Museum: For the aspirants future pilots, this would be a good place to see the fighter jets and antiques aircrafts closely.
  • Safari Park: It is magnificently beautiful with natural greenery all around. Two lakes increase the beauty of park. A zoo, amusement park, go aish and chairlift makes the place more interesting.
  • Sea-view Beach: For the enthusiastic little swimmers, a trip to sea-view beach would be a great idea.
  • Bounce: It is built in the Ocean Mall Karachi for general public. It is an indoor trampoline theme park with the best jumpy environment for your little munchkins. This place has many indoor games too.

All these places are wondering if you take your kids there. These places are developed with kids interests and all the things they want to play with. These places are built in very convenient places to visit and are secure by means of surrounding. As for kids, all these places are running under strict supervision of highly efficient management and all the safety precautions are strictly followed. All the rides used are first tested and then approved by qualified technicians. These places will impact positively on your kids mind. It will be very refreshing and will be a good memory for them.

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