Nueplex Cinemas DHA

Nueplex Cinemas DHA

Nueplex Cinemas will usher in a new era in cinema viewing and enjoyment by providing an integrated virtual 2D and 3D experience supplemented by 10,000 watt audio systems and automatic screen systems created by leading European and American companies. The theatres have the first specially built theatre acoustics in Pakistan, created by world-renowned acoustic designers Valcoustics of Canada. The chairs are specially designed, and the golden class theatre will have its waiting room, luxury recliners, and attendants on call. The Nueplex encounter is genuinely one-of-a-kind.

It is Pakistan’s first real Digital Multiplex experience. Nueplex Cinemas would not just transform the movie industry but will also have far-reaching implications for Pakistan’s film and media industries. Nueplex Cinemas, being the apex of technology, design, and art, will be the benchmark by which all-optical and auditory presentations will be assessed. The goal is straightforward: to give the most incredible movie experiences in the world just here in Karachi. Nueplex Cinemas is a revolutionary, audacious, and demanding notion brought to reality, and a cinema lover’s dream in Karachi, Pakistan’s amusement city.

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