About Karachi

Karachi we are known as “Kolachi”. It is the 3rd largest city in the world. Karachi was the capital of the  earlier period of Pakistan. People who live in Karachi are called Karachties. They live freely. They have a  live and let live attitude in themself. Karachi is the city that is always awake.\ Karachi has freedom in the  air.  

 Karachi has heavy traffic problems. There are so many faculties, lots of hospitals for emergencies,  banks, job opportunities, for the people who live in Karachi. Karachi is also known as “The city of life “. 

 There are various places for the enjoyment of family and friend gatherings. There are cafes for  the young generations. Karachi has uncountable restaurants. And so many shopping malls, beauty  parlors, salons, etc. There’s an international airport in Karachi. Karachi is the main source of business,  and Karachi has two main seaports “The port of Karachi and “Port Qasim” through which we do large  shipping. There are so many people are living from different cultures, different languages, from  centuries Karachi has been home to many peoples like non-Muslim, Hindu, Christians  

They live equally and happily just like Muslims. 

 Muhammad Ali Jinnah was born raised and buried in Karachi and her sister Fatima Ali Jinnah had  also resided there last days in Karachi at Mohatta Palace. There are PAF museum and Pakistan Maritime  museum in Karachi which are the best place for the kids to know about some history Pakistan. Karachi  have higher educational system, there are 26 universities in Karachi which also include Karachi  University. Karachi is also famous for their foods. Because we have so many options like Nihari, Nargisi  Koftay, Paaya, Biryani, etc and the especially of Karachi is Paan. Karachi has so many picnic points like  Hawksbay, Keemari, Manora, Turtle Beach, Do Daryaa my favorite, Port Grand, Churna Island, and many  other places.

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